DecoRoom 2020 post-release

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DecoRoom 2020 post-release
The DecoRoom 2020 exhibition has ended in Moscow.
From 7 to 10 October 2020 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, an exhibition of interior and decor items DecoRoom was held.
Exhibition exposition
A number of changes awaited exhibitors and visitors this year. As part of the rebranding project, the exhibition received a new name - DecoRoom, as well as a new corporate identity. The changes also affected the profile of the exhibitors, which became more focused on domestic manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and interior and decor items.
Another notable change was the holding of DecoRoom simultaneously and on the same site with the Country House exhibition of wooden houses, engineering systems and finishing materials. 48 manufacturers and suppliers presented their products at the joint exposition of two exhibitions.
DecoRoom exhibiting companies presented interior and decor items at their stands. Stucco decoration, decorative plaster, interior paints were shown by ArtWay, wall panels and natural wood tiles by Geometrica, and art mosaics by FedorMosaic.
The bas-relief and panels were presented by the Barelief Art company, the author's interior paintings, artistic decoration and wall painting could be found at the HomeDesignArt stand, the Karelian design in the interior was perfectly demonstrated by the Karelian Design company, the phytowalls by the Alseed company.
The exposition of decor items and furniture, presented at the stand of the designers of the Novosibirsk region, was devoted to the topic of ecology and conscious consumption.
Exclusive furniture was presented by the following companies: Karelian Design, Noi Furniture & Decor, Teak House, URIVSKIY and other companies.
It was possible to get acquainted with niche home perfumery, as well as scented candles at the stands of the companies: Perfume4Home, House of Candles, FLAMES, Aroma-Garden and other companies.
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Exhibition visitors

Despite the objective difficulties associated with the epidemiological situation, the results of the DecoRoom can be considered more than successful. For 4 days of work the exhibition was visited by 2,490 specialists from 61 regions of Russia. In total, the combined exposition of the two exhibitions was attended by 5,862 people. The consolidation of the expositions made it possible to significantly increase the number of end consumers, which was positively received by the exhibitors interested in direct sales of their products. In comparison with the indicators of the previous year, the key quality indicators of the exhibition showed growth. For example, the number of visitors per participant was 279, which is 67% more than in 2019. DecoRoom was also attended by a large number of professional visitors: designers (44% of visitors) and representatives of trade enterprises (32% of visitors).
It is not surprising that the feedback from the exhibitors confirms the high commercial efficiency of the event. The effectiveness of the exhibition exceeded all expectations. This success allows us to look to the future with great optimism and count on a significant increase in the number of exhibitors in 2021, which should also be facilitated by an improvement in the epidemiological situation.
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Business programme

The centerpiece of DecoRoom 2020 was a rich business program that included sessions for both aspiring and experienced designers. The main emphasis in the programme was placed on modern trends in the development of interior design in Russia.
Key topics of the DecoRoom 2020 business program:
· Design of public spaces
· Modern industrial design in Russia
· Made in Russia: is it time for Russian manufacturers and designers?
· Modern trends in the development of interior design
· Master classes for novice designers
Speakers at the events of the business program were: Victor Dembovsky, Svetlana Kotlukova, Elena Teplitskaya, Nina Lopatina, Irina Bogatikova, Fedor Rashchevsky, Polina Afonskaya, Elena Trofimova, Natalya Preobrazhenskaya, Alena Gorskaya, Andrey Radaev, Anna Simonova, Alexander Minaev, Alena Sanaeva and other speakers.
The business programme aroused great visitor interest. All 4 days, the event area was filled with listeners. For the safety of speakers and visitors, a comfortable seating arrangement with an increased social distance of 1.5 meters was organized.
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Of course, great attention was paid to security issues. The exhibition was held in strict accordance with the current sanitary and epidemiological requirements of Rospotrebnadzor:
· The entrance to the hall was possible after scanning the temperature and in the presence of personal protective equipment: a mask or respirator, as well as gloves. Personal protective equipment was provided free of charge to visitors at the check-in desks
· Dispensers with antiseptic agents were installed in public places and other areas on the territory of the exhibitions
· The construction of the exposition was carried out taking into account the need to comply with social distancing measures
· Wet cleaning of common areas with the use of disinfectants and regular disinfection of contact surfaces was carried out regularly
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Even in the current difficult conditions, DecoRoom remains an indispensable tool that can give exhibiting companies a new impetus to business development, and visitors can find new suppliers, update their assortment and get acquainted with novelties in the field of interior design.
We are waiting for you at the DecoRoom 2021!
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