Aroma space by Aroma Décor Boutique


Aroma Décor Boutique is the first conceptual boutique of interior perfumery in Russia.


Aroma space by Aroma Décor Boutique

The conceptual boutique of the interior perfumery Aroma Décor Boutique, inspired by aromatology – science studying the influence of aromas on the psychophysical state of a person – seeks to develop that sphere in Russia and CIS. Consolidating the largest world brands that are unique in their style and mood the boutique created a space where everyone can find something after their own heart.

Among Boutique brands are:

  • Maison Berger Paris (France)
  • Estéban Paris Parfums (France)
  • Yankee Candle (USA)
  • Terre d’Oc (France) 
  • Plantes & Parfums Provence (France)

We invite you to visit the A233 stand of Aroma Décor Boutique and find new discoveries, gifts and treats.

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